Interested building an essential oils biz?


Are you ready for a let loose, unconstrained, vibrant, authentic and by your own design life?  Well I have one amazing, inspiring and fun way to get there. 

Team Flip is a dynamic collaboration of big life seeking souls who are out to discover what an unleashed life with overflowing wellness is like.    And, we are committed to exploring this with each connection we make, each friendship we make and each enquiry that is made.  Together this community has the tools to empower you and your loved ones to live well, fully expressed and all on the court. 

What you can expect: To be heard and held accountable to the big dream you declare.  We see you, all you have to offer and you matter.  You will be a big contribution to your family, your community, your team and this world.  No more holding back! 

You get to be an entrepreneur, with the support of a global community and the backing of a global corporation (already debt free) so all the behind the scenes distribution, marketing, formulation is already taken care of.. phew!    That means, all that is missing is you. And when you play all in, you get to design your life and timetableand grow you business limitless.  No more glass ceilings or instability.  Your choose by your actions and you never have to play alone. 

And, I have designed the team flip training, resources, mentoring calls, online, webinar and print content, as well as specific follow up content for individuals, teachers, athletes etc .